At the core spacemonkeyfilm is a full service film production company that creates films of all shapes and sizes for audiences on all channels. We still believe just as much in the classic form of the :30 TV commercial as we do in breaking that form into something new and unique. We envision every web site as a viewing portal just as potent in it's potential reach as any large old-school network TV channel. In this disposable digital age that has enabled everyone with point and shoot prowess, we still believe films should be made by committed film makers who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. We think the film making process should be fun, exotic, mysterious and luxurious… especially for the client. Spacemonkeyfilm enjoys an entire planet of production partners and resources to choose from, ensuring that we take full advantage of the earth's best talent, locations, creative and technical advantages. spacemonkeyfilm produces Commercials, Virals, Branded Entertainment, Webisodic, Interactive, Experimental, Documentary, Television & Feature Films.